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Divine Principle on Cable Channel 75, Minneapolis Television Network, 10- 11am Sunday Mornings‏

posted Jul 13, 2013, 4:03 PM by Minnesota Family Church
Divine Principle is on TV at least once a week, starting Sundays, from 10 to 11 a.m. If you'd like to tape the program (since it's the same time as Sunday Service) you can find it on MTN (Minneapolis Television Network), which is Cable Channel 75...we aren't sure if the dish networks carry MTN but would love to find out if they, indeed, do...please contact Marika (612-242-4575) or Nadia (612-250-2603) for your feedback...we would really appreciate knowing :)

extra details, if they are interested:
we initially submitted 7 DVDs to MTN...they started airing the 1st DVD (Principle of Creation), last Sunday, July looked very good...this week they will broadcast the 2nd disc we gave them; next week the 3rd, and so, Principle of Creation, Fall of Man, Eschatology (the Last Days), Purpose of the Messiah, Resurrection, Predestination and Christology...are all scheduled for TV viewing...we will submit 9 more DVDs, to take us through "The Second Advent" after 16 weeks, God-willing, the whole of the Divine Principle will have been shown...this series happens to be Rev. Philip Schanker's presentations...we may continue, after 16 weeks, with Rev. Kevin McCarthy's Divine Principle presentations...or some other Divine Principle presentation... 

MTN has given us this hour, minimum, so we will continue teaching Divine Principle, long as MTN is on the air...