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Pastor's Introduction

Dear All,
True Mother announced a worldwide 40-day witnessing campaign beginning Saturday June 22 and going to July 31, 2013. In unity with True Mother, we had a campaign meeting Wednesday, June 19 at the church center. Fourteen people were there as we made a plan for the 40-day campaign. Hyungtae Ha created a new link on our minneapolisfamilychurch.com website on the left for "witnessing". You can come here for updates.
A question that came up as we reviewed the goal of each person bringing one member by True Father's ascension anniversary was, "what is a member?" What are the qualifications for being a member? How will we know that we have completed our goal and that a person is at the "member" level? We are investigating that.

We have activity scheduled every day although we know that people will get involved as they are able. We talked about getting involved with our local community groups and to make a plan not just for 40 days but to place that campaign in the context of our individual and family 20 year plan. Not everyone will do the same thing, but everyone can find a joyful way to reach out to family, friends, neighbors, and others.

Beginning this coming Sunday and during the forty days we will have a "root" service at 8 AM and a "branch" service at 10 AM. The root service is for the root of our church (for those who are able to come) and that will be a more "internal" service to hear messages from Mother, Korean videos, providential direction, etc. To that "root" service we welcome all our members. That service will begin in the prayer room but move to a bigger room as required. Our "branch service" will be a service for outreach. The branch service will appeal to all, those who belong to our church and those who do not.
Those attending the root service will prepare the spiritual ground for the branch service, help prepare the service, and the atmosphere. We will have some pastry and coffee after the root service and before the branch service. Everyone is welcome to attend both, of course.
We have some activities already scheduled and will use those events to support the 40-day campaign.

    June 29    Ambassador for Peace program
    June 30    Japanese Culture Night
    July 4       Independence Day program
    July ?       WFWP  morning program (to be announced).
    July 20      WFWP co-sponsoring program with the Haitian community, a theatrical program. "Love Without Condition".
    July 23     Parent's Day at the Capitol. (This means finding parents to receive an award, too.)
    July  27      ACLC Annual Fishing trip on White Bear Lake

Ongoing we will have Sunday service at 8AM and 10AM, MMA (martial arts) small group after 10AM service. We have witnessing everyday at 5PM, and Sunday after service. Every Saturday we will have a workshop at noon. This Saturday Jim Jensen will be available to assist with it. Not everyone can or should do everything, but we hope that each person will find a way to plug in and have fun doing it.

In conclusion, I was very moved recently by someone who told me that she prays for me every day by name. That had such an impact on me. It brought me to tears. I was so moved to think that someone would pray for me by name. It has been a tremendous support. So, we made a Minnesota prayer list with a list of our families, our "root" here in Minnesota. Of course we can have a witnessing prayer list, but we want to support and uplift each family and their children, regardless of their situation, particularly through this 40 days. God loves each person so much so let's pray each person's name lovingly and praying for Heaven to work in his/her life and for each person to know that he/she is known, loved, accepted, and cherished and ask God to guide each precious one to experience peace and to find the joy of True Parents and blessed family life.

We will meet next Wednesday at 7PM to review our progress and to make further plans. Please join us.
Pastor Rosemary

Recent Witnessing Announcement

  • Testimony of some young folks witnessing‏ I thought you might enjoy this testimony. On Wednesdays at 5:00 we meet at the center and go out in pairs witnessing. Tonight, as we prepared to go out, Yujin rushed by us and said,"I'm going witnessing too!" Then, he (age 7) and Michael Victor (age 12) ran out the door to witness. We smiled, but by the time Noriko and I were walking out the door, we saw Yujin bringing a young woman, a medical student, to the door! We stayed to talk to her while Yujin ran out the door again to meet Michael Victor. It reminded me of someone fishing; he catches a fish and then can't wait to put his line back ...
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  • The 40-Day Summer Witnessing Campaign Dr. Balcomb said, "Growth solves all our problems."Please join us this Wednesday, June 26, 7:00 pm @ the UC center, 1000 5th Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 for planning, brainstorming, and discussion on how we can apply the 40-day summer witnessing campaign happening from June 22-July 31 here locally. This will be a strategic meeting to set local goals for the National Witnessing Campaign.(You can see the memo from Rev. Swearson and national HQ.) All ages are welcome. Let's make a good plan together that will bring actual results.  See you there!Rosemary Yokoi
    Posted Jun 20, 2013, 1:32 PM by Minnesota Family Church
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